Viatical Debacle

by | Apr. 13, 2009


Dear Dave,

Could you explain, and comment on, investing in Viaticals? I've been hearing offers that guarantee 10 percent. Does that sound fishy to you?


Dear Lee,

Everything about Viaticals is fishy. Stay away from them! A Viatical investment is when you buy a position in a terminally ill person's life insurance policy. Mathematically, you're betting on when they will die. A tremendous number of scam artists are involved in these things, and even the ones who go by the book have a lot of trouble, because you really can't predict when someone's going to die.

Viaticals are a disaster. They're being slammed by state attorney generals all across the country. Lots of these companies are being shut down, and most of those that are technically legitimate in this area are incompetent.

Never put money in Viaticals!

- Dave

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