Ward list used for political smear campaign?

When it comes to the controversial mixing of religion and politics in the LDS world, much of the discussion has focused on national campaigns and high-profile ballot initiatives.

But perhaps we should be more concerned by how some in our church may be using their membership to influence local elections.

This problem only recently came to my attention when I heard about a vicious e-mail circulating around a Utah County town, attacking one of the mayoral candidates there. I obtained a copy of the e-mail -- which, of course, was written anonymously -- and the more I read, the more disappointed I became.

The writer, apparently bent on destroying this candidate's political and personal reputation, clearly knew he or she was writing for an LDS audience.

"I have information that I have been holding inside of me and it has been eating me alive," he or she writes. "I spoke to my church leader on Sunday without mentioning details or names and he suggested that I confront the issue."

The e-mail, which weighs in at almost 2,000 words, is peppered with manipulative phraseology like this, clearly designed to appeal to the active Mormon voter.

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