Watch: Missionary Impresses Members with Unbelievable Beatboxing Ability

Thanks to the Brown family for making us aware of this video.

While eating with the Voss family in Indiana, Elder Alex Brown explained how he managed to develop his unique beatboxing talent—an explanation that contained everything from sound effects to demonstrations. About Elder Brown's abilities, JoAnn Voss posted on Facebook, "Keep sharing your talent Elder Brown because you are blessed to have that gift. And you make people happy by doing [beatboxing]. [Especially] the youth."

Derek Brown, Elder Brown's father, said of his son's abilities, "We’ve been wondering if our Elder Alex had lost some of those mad beatboxing skills he had, after spending over a year in Indiana. Apparently not." In another post, Derek expressed how proud he was of his son and his decision to serve the Lord. "It’s hard to express how much we miss him, but he’s out making a difference and doing good, and we’re proud of him. Utah’s loss is Indiana’s gain."

But Elder Brown's beatboxing thing isn't the only message getting shared around the web. On social media, Elder Brown has often shared his testimony of the gospel, eternal families, and our Savior.

Lead image screenshot from JoAnn Voss's Facebook page

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