Weekend Craft: 4th of July Party Utensil Wraps

This craft is brought to you by Oh My Crafts.


Sometimes it’s the little things that friends remember from a party--the attention to detail that makes all the difference. These simple and quick wraps for utensils make it super easy for your guests to go through a buffet line. It's a perfect project to involve your kids with the party preparations.

Supplies Needed:

Oh My Crafts Vinyl: Ruby Glitter & Silver Flake, White Vinyl
My Minds Eye: American Made Collection Pack
Provo Craft: Any cartridge that has a star shape like George or Simply Sweet

(Use coupon code LDS10 at ohmycrafts.com to get 10% off supplies needed.)

4th of July Party Utensil Wrap:

1. Cut a strip of printed-paper 1½ x 4 inches. Repeat for number needed.
2. Cut a star from cartridge approximately 1½ inches (size depends on style of star chosen). Use a blade depth setting of 4 with max speed and low pressure.
3. Weed around stars (remove excess vinyl).
4. Wrap paper around napkin and utensils and seal with star.


* If desired, wraps can be glued or taped together and then the star can be placed in the center of the wrap away from the seam.