What We’ve Always Overlooked About Adam and Eve

Many people, even members, tend to misunderstand a crucial part of the story of Adam and Eve, one that is essential to understand our roles here on earth, our covenants, and the nature of eternal marriage. Check out this incredible post that dives into the matter:

Today we’re going to share a powerful example of how cultural understanding can sometimes obscure what the scriptures are actually saying.

Here goes:

So, we don’t know about you, but Dustin and I grew up learning that God gave Eve to Adam as a “helpmeet,” or sometimes “helpmate.” In countless discussions and lessons, that is how Adam and Eve are almost always characterized.

The thing is, “helpmeet” and “helpmate” are misnomers. In fact, a little Googling shows that the origin of those words comes from a misreading of Genesis. It’s not just Mormons who have misread these verses, so have Christians in general.

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