What it means to be a grown-up

I have very vivid memories of trick or treating as a kid. I remember one time, I saw that the woman had to leave the TV to answer the door. There was another person on the couch, and the two of them were obviously watching a movie. I could not possibly have been older than 8, and I distinctly remember thinking, “Those poor people. Watching a movie on Halloween! How boring! Too bad they can’t have fun, like I’m having.”

Last week, that memory flashed into my head again, only this time, I was standing in the middle of a dark street, trying to keep track of my son, who was running with a pack of boys, while pulling my toddler in a Red Flyer wagon (who, incidentally, went trick or treating in her swimsuit. Her brother’s old Spiderman boots added a nice touch, though.).

This time, I didn’t pity the couple in my memory. I understood them perfectly.

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