Why one blogger likes Brigham Young

A recent post at BCC drew a plea (comment 67 and others) for positive stories about Brigham Young, from a reader who was finding it difficult to like the man. I don’t have any trouble liking him. While acknowledging that he was flawed, especially in the area of diplomacy with non-Mormons, I know him as a generous, affectionate, loyal man, a true shepherd to a people who returned his affection in countless ways. This knowledge comes not from any of the biographies that have been written about Brigham Young, but from an intimate knowledge of his interactions with his flock, from reading his sermons (not just the inflammatory sound-bites that authors luv luv luv to quote, but entire sermons, read as sermons with the same respect I give to sermons today), and through the personal writings of family members and the other Saints who know him best.

So I’m embarking on a series of posts about why I like the man. These reasons truly are random, presented in no particular order. They are idiosyncratic to me, and they may not be the most important reasons, or the reasons that mean the most to me (those reasons may turn out to be too personal for me to share here, knowing as I do that anything positive said about Brigham Young will be sneered at, not by Keepa’s regular readers but by an outside faction whose hatred of Brigham Young is beyond reason).

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