Winterizing Plants

You take special steps to get your house, car, and kids ready for the winter, but what about your plants? When you start to reach for your jacket, make sure you take the following steps to help your green beauties:

  • Get rid of your annual plants (flowers, herbs, veggies) right away. Also, trim your perennials back to just above the soil. This will keep insects and disease away during the winter.
  • Non-hearty bulbs such as dahlias and gladiolas should be removed from the ground. Dry them, then store in a cool, dry place until spring.
  • After getting rid of any weeds or dead leaves, buy some tough compost and spread it over your beds to keep them protected from winter's unpredictable temperatures.
  • Put your potted plants in an unheated garage or shed - pots frequently crack in freezing weather. If your pots are too heavy to move, you can insulate them by wrapping them in bubble-wrap and covering the soil in compost.
  • Once your plants are settled, take the time to clean, oil, and sharpen your garden tools - it will make them much more pleasant to pull out in the spring.
  • Unhook and drain your garden hoses, then keep them indoors. This will lengthen their lifetime, and you can spend those extra bucks on new flowers next spring!
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