Wonder Woman. Have you seen her?

Cartoons are a weakness of mine. I love to watch them with my children. We have our favorite ones-- Sponge Bob; Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends; Phineas & Ferb; Jimmy Neutron and The Justice League. The Justice League is great because it has ALL the superheroes-- so you can get your superhero fix with just one show.

I have always been a Wonder Woman fan. I even dressed up like her for Halloween when I was a kid. My costume was awesome! It came complete with the lasso of truth, the crown she wears and the indestructible bracelets. I felt indestructible when I was in my costume . . . like I could accomplish anything I set my mind too. (thanks Mom for making it for me!)

I watched the TV show religiously-- Lynda Carter was fantastic as Wonder Woman. How many of us twirled, trying to change into her? I know I did.

When I was a kid, Wonder Woman was fighting the evil-doers-- saving us from ourselves. She lassoed people with her lasso of truth, and immediately everyone was honest. When she was around, there was no deception.

Today? Well. I think the term wonder woman has a taken a different tone.

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