Workers of the Ward, Unite!

In my first singles ward, our bishopric held a special retreat to teach new ward members about being an active part of an adult ward. Brother Thompson used an analogy I have never forgotten. “When you’re at a potluck dinner,” he said, “the person who is assigned to bring the roast beef is someone who can always be counted on. You want to be a roast beef member.”

I have always remembered his analogy; I wish I had always lived it. When I taught Relief Society several years ago, I had to go out of town on my week. I called the other teacher and left a message on her machine asking if we could switch weeks. She left a message on mine, saying we could, and that was that. I thought.

Except I returned home to frantic answering machine messages, asking where I was and was I planning on teaching that day. No one showed up.

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