Worthy, but not legal

I went back home to South Texas in May. You’ll get tired of hearing about it eventually, but for now, I want to just share something that came out in an interview I conducted. A sister told me that many people cannot go to the temple even though they are worthy. I was confused. She said that it is because many brothers and sisters are illegal immigrants. She continued by explaining that they don’t want to risk being picked up at the Border Patrol checkpoint.

There are three principle Border Patrol Checkpoints on the three principle routes that lead from the Rio Grande Valley out to the rest of Texas. They create what amounts to an imaginary border that cordons the Rio Grande Valley off from the rest of the state. One at Sarita, one at Falfurrias, and the other at Laredo (see map below). I’m not sure what keeps State 16 or US 59 from serving as smuggling avenues, but suffice it to say that these three checkpoints serve as one of the main lines of defense in the fight to stop drug and human trafficking out of South Texas.

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