YM Lesson 21: Pure Thoughts, Clean Language

Our thoughts, even fleeting ones, can seem an insignificant part of our day. But, in reality, our thoughts eventually determine our characters. Proverbs 23:7 [Prov. 23:7] says, "For as [a man] thinketh in his heart, so is he." And, for those who are striving to be like the Savior, being pure in heart and mind is a must. Here are some helpful tips from the New Era and New Era readers on how to keep your thoughts pure:

* Indulging in impure thoughts can lead to hard-to-break thought patterns. Reject a bad thought as soon as it comes into your mind, and it will be easier to do so the next time.

* "Let virtue garnish [your] thoughts unceasingly" (D&C 121:45). Think good thoughts to crowd out the impure ones.

* Avoid watching, listening to, or reading any material that contains profanity, swearing, pornography, or other improper content.

* Make sure you choose your surroundings carefully and that your activities inspire good thoughts.

* Surround yourself with good friends who uphold Church standards.

* Pray. The Lord can help you overcome any problem you have, including unclean thoughts.

* Singing a hymn will elevate your thoughts. You could memorize a hymn you can turn to when you need to get rid of a bad thought.

* Your speech reflects your thoughts, so a pure mind will also help you to keep your language clean. Remove yourself from situations where people are gossiping or using profane or vulgar language.

* If you're having trouble controlling your thoughts, imagine that the stage of your mind is always on a movie screen that everyone can see. Don't think anything that might make you blush.

* Keep your thoughts clean to help you stay morally clean. Unclean thoughts make giving in to temptation much easier.

* Live so that you can be in tune with the Spirit. To receive the guidance of the Holy Ghost, our minds need to be pure and ready to accept Him.

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