YM Lesson 27: Reverence

Elder M. Russell Ballard, of the Quorum of the Twelve, defines reverence as "a profound respect mingled with love and awe. Other words that add to our understanding of reverence include gratitude, honor, veneration, and admiration" (Ensign, May 1988, 57). If we respect and love God, it will show. Here are some ideas from young women in Merced, California, on how to show reverence in our thoughts and behavior.

* Always keep in mind the goal of attending the temple.

* Take time to appreciate the beauty of nature.

* Dress modestly. Be neat and clean.

* Listen to hymns and other uplifting music. Sing a hymn if your thoughts are wandering into dangerous territory.

* Express gratitude to your Heavenly Father and others often.

* Eliminate Sunday activities that are not in keeping with the spirit of the Sabbath day.

* Read the scriptures to set the mood of your day. Pray before you read, and read daily.

* Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you to right decisions and to be your constant companion.

* Speak to your family and friends using kind words. Anger or yelling is sure to drive away the Spirit.

* Use your energies and time wisely to prepare for a mission, improve in your schoolwork, serve others, and accomplish other worthy goals.

* Have a strong desire to please and obey Heavenly Father.

* Clean your room. If your surroundings are clean, it's easier to be at peace.

* Be around friends who have the good values you want to emulate.

* If you are in a temple or chapel, be sure to practice self-discipline and reverence.

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