YW 31: Group Activities: A Basis for Wise Dating

* Prepare long before dating. Decide now to keep your standards high, so your decisions will already be made if you are faced with a difficult situation.

* Group dates are definitely the way to go. The more people the merrier!

* Have a definite plan. Involve everyone going on the date in the planning process, if possible.

* Be smart. Stay away from potentially uncomfortable or unsafe situations. Choose an activity and a place that is consistent with your moral standards.

* A ward dance, Church activity, or service project might be a good way to get to know someone in a familiar environment.

* Date friends who know and share your values. You'll be less nervous if you know the other people on the group date, too.

* Wear modest clothing.

* Get advice from parents, grandparents, or older siblings about dating. They have much more dating experience than you and can probably offer some good advice.

* Say a personal prayer before you go on a date. Ask Heavenly Father for help with any problem you might have.

* For safety's sake, be sure your parents know where you are going.

* Be considerate of your date's feelings and preferences.

* Remember: Good dates don't need to cost a lot of money.

* Above all, be yourself. Both you and your date will have more fun that way.

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