YW Lesson 1-36: "The Importance of Truth in Living a Virtuous Life"

I will be happy to see the back end of these virtue lessons - not that they're not important, and in our ward we've had some great and very practical discussions about how to access spiritual power through precise, obedient, Atonement-centered living, but didn't they all begin to sound alike after a while? This might be part of the good argument for breaking up these long units of similarly themed lessons so that we get a virtue/truth lesson every other month across a whole year, instead of six in a row.

Ah, back to school. Which explains the lateness of my post, I am now back into my full load of teaching. I went on a trip right before school started, that included the weekend before Sept 1, and the airports were full of sweatshirt-wearing young people, looking fresh and maybe a little nervous on their way to their colleges.

Did you ever notice how many colleges have mottos or official seals that include the word truth?

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