YW Lesson 1 - 37: Caring for Our Physical Bodies

...I have to admit, I was truly stumped the first time through this lesson. I think it could be good to have a discussion on grooming with certain groups of Beehives - things are changing, hygiene regularly gets away from this group - but with my Laurels? Seriously?

Sister Tanner's talk recommended in the supplement gave me my way in. She write so beautifully about the spiritual mind body connection, and the power that comes from appreciating our bodies as literal temples for our spirits. I also absolutely ADORE the story she tells about her mom overindulging in sweet rolls.

Her thoughts also put me in mind of the awesome talk Elder Holland gave to the young women a few years ago where he begs them to be more accepting of their bodies. I think this lesson could be a great opportunity to discuss body image in the media and push back against it with the LDS understanding of the body.

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