YW Lesson 1-38: "Nutrition and the Word of Wisdom"

by | Sep. 22, 2009

Lesson Helps

I love this lesson, it's so basic. I also think the object lesson, to wrap foods with varying nutritional value up in appealing packages and let them choose, is a fun one that I think I'll try. I've seen little decorative Chinese takeout boxes at the craft store, etc.

Last week we had the lesson on making good choices amid pressure and I used the story of Daniel as in the manual, comparing the three stories about him in the first few chapters of Daniel and talking about how he matured in spiritual strength and ability to be righteous when it counted. In the section of the lesson where we talked about how the 4 Israelite young men refused the king's rich food and instead chose "pulse," we got into a discussion about what that word meant. I thought it was like porridge, mixed-grain oatmeal, or pilaf (a word none of them had heard, btw). When I described it there was universal agreement that pulse was yucky and Daniel was a man to be pitied for having to insist on eating it. They also got a kick out of the KJV's translation that the young men were "fairer and fatter in flesh" and that was supposed to be a good thing. Giggles all around.

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