YW Lesson 1-39: Drug Abuse

These practical lessons are kind of challenging for me. How can I make sure that I give the girls a chance to experience the Spirit during a health class? But that is my failing, not the lesson's. I think that where the Spirit will come in for me in this lesson is as I pray fervently to know what issues I need to address.

It's been my experience that with drugs or chastity, someone right under your nose can be needing your help and you wouldn't even know. The girl who dyes her hair and has facial piercings could be clean as a whistle, and the laurel president/captain of the softball team could be taking diet pills every day. I'm going to have to seek out revelation to make sure I hit the areas that would affect the girls under my care.

Overall, this lesson is a fairly good one. I don't think I'll be using the checklist exercise. After 12 years of school and DARE classes, my laurels would be a little insulted. But I LOVE the section on addressing justifications for drug use. That part is fantastic. Teenagers are in the middle of that messy quest for self-identification. Just because they do something doesn't mean they know why they do it. I think this exercise is really empowering.

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