YW Lesson 1-48: "Short-Range Goals as Stepping Stones"

I think this lesson would seriously benefit from some personalization. The stories are all perfectly nice, but this is one principle I think it would be really great for the girls to see up close. So few of the behaviors we try to encourage lead directly to what we want (they bring their own benefits, but no amount of reading my scriptures alone is going to get me the career/relationships/talents I want) I think it would be awesome to be able to testify of this idea through my own experiences and experiences of other leaders they know. I think I'll be grilling everyone around me. The supplementary materials bring up the point that the personal progress program is a model of this system. One project or experience at a time, these girls are becoming women of faith. The talks included are a couple of talks by Elder Wirthlin. This one shares some funny football stories, and this one encourages taking the journey to become someone great. I think this lesson is especially timely for my Laurels. They are all staring down college and adulthood and at times it completely overwhelms them. Especially because many of them will be putting themselves through college and the enormity of that task would scare anyone with sense in their head. I can't wait to explain this principle to them and tell them how I put myself through college. I figured that many of your girls would be in the same boat, so here's how I did it.
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