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Joseph Smith becoming 'the seer stone'

by Deseret News | What We Believe

Richard Neitzel Holzapfel was amazed at how often Joseph Smith was identified as "the Seer" in John Whitmer...


U.S. Senator Bennett tests his faith in the Book of Mormon

by Deseret News | Mormons We Know

When Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, was public relations director for the late billionaire Howard Hughes and his...

Debunking the mystery of BYU: School isn't weird or cultish, just into clean living

by The Oklahoman | What They're Saying About "Us"

Next weekend, fans of Oklahoma and Brigham Young will congregate outside Cowboys Stadium for tailgate parti...

An evangelical blogs: Why do Mormon facilities look so good?

by Cool Solutions Group | What They're Saying About "Us"

I am a member of the International Facilities Managers Association (IFMA). This organization has nearly 20,...


Joseph Smith 'most influential' 19th century American

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

Josiah Quincy, Jr., was an eloquent man, mannered and serene in appearance. He was a relative of former Pre...


Who owes the least on credit cards? We do! (According to the Christian Science Monitor)

by The Christian Science Monitor | What They're Saying About "Us"

The economic crisis is in large part about a rising tide of personal debt. Much of this debt has resulted f...


The Economist: Missionary man

by The Economist | Mormons We Know

WHEN David Neeleman returned to Brazil as a 19-year old Mormon missionary, he spent two years among shoeles...

A Mission led him to Japanese Comedies

by The Arizona Daily Star | Arts & Entertainment

Dave Boyle is building a promising career on indie Japanese-themed comedy. His new film, "White on Rice," a...

Applying some logic to revive the BCS

by Dallas Morning News | Saints & Sports

The college football season is a mere 10 days away, even less depending upon your team of choice. As oppose...


Orrin Hatch writes: The Ted Kennedy I knew

by Politico | Everything Else

America has lost a giant in politics and public policy. I have lost a close personal friend. People called ...