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6 Things You Never Knew About the New Testament

by Frank F. Judd, Jr. | Makes You Think Mormon Life

How did we get the New Testament Gospels? As it turns out, the process was quite complicated, but very inte...


How Buzzfeed Would Report Book of Mormon Stories Today

by Collin Bishop | Humor Fun Mormon Life

We all love our Book of Mormon heroes, which got us thinking, how would Buzzfeed (or any large website) rep...


"Come, Follow Me" January 7–13: “Be It unto Me According to Thy Word”

by LDS Living Staff | Lesson Helps

This week’s readings:  Matthew 1 and Luke 1 Don’t forget to record your impressions and read the ideas...


Quiz: Scripture Hero or Superhero?

by Jon Cooper | Fun

We often talk about our heroes from the scriptures, like Captain Moroni, Nephi, and Alma the Younger, but d...


5 Tips to Make the Sacrament More Meaningful

by Truman G. Madsen, adapted from "Sacramental Reflections" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

1. Get Inspired Introspection In His sacrament—and in all the other ordinances—the Lord gives us glimpses o...


Church Announces 4 New Missions, Boundary Changes for 12 Missions

by Newsroom | From the Church Makes You Think

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced the creation of four new missions and boundar...


What We Know About the First Endowment in the Kirtland Temple and How the Endowment Changed Over Time

by Karl Ricks Anderson, adapted from "The Savior in Kirtland" | Makes You Think

The Kirtland Temple endowment was central to the Lord’s purpose for bringing His Saints to Kirtland. Unders...


First Presidency Releases Statement on Temples, Changes to Ordinances Over Time

by Newsroom | Mormon Life

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has issued the following statement:...


How I Lost 140 Pounds by Relying on the Lord

by Jenny Spencer Hunt | Mormon Life

 Losing 140 pounds is no easy feat. Just ask Trent Heppler. Never in a million years did he believe th...


3 Important Principles to Remember When Studying Church History

by Patrick Q. Mason, adapted from "Planted: Belief and Belonging in the Age of Doubt" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

As a people, we have been extraordinarily good at keeping the very first commandment given by the Lord to t...