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Instead of Ending, Has the 'Mormon Moment' Evolved into Something Bigger?

by Deseret News | News from Utah Makes You Think

During the 2012 presidential election, the LDS Church's public affairs office fielded 50 calls a day. The i...


Why Being 'Nice' Isn't Always Christlike

by Meridian Magazine | Makes You Think

From the time that we were young, we as Latter-day Saints have intrinsically understood that the most impor...


My Experience in the Conference Center During the Opposing Vote

by Erin Hallstrom | News from Utah Makes You Think

Photo from lds.org Thanks to my job, I am pretty plugged into LDS happenings. I was well aware of the stron...


After 2-Year Break from Temple Announcements, President Monson Reveals 3 New Locations

by LDS Living

In a surprise move during the Sunday morning session of general conference, President Thomas S. Monson anno...


Church Calls 9 New General Officers, Including New General YM Presidency

by Newsroom | From the Church News from Utah

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced five new General Authorit...


Church Introduces New Conference Coverage: 'Conference at a Glance'

by LDS Living | From the Church News from Utah Videos

The age of the internet has accelerated the pace of society--including conference coverage. This weekend th...

Church Celebrates Easter with Video Explaining What We Can Do 'Because Jesus Christ Lives'

by ChurchofJesusChrist.org | From the Church Videos


42 Songs Prophets Have Quoted in Conference (from Broadway to Country Music)

by Compiled by Malina Grigg & Kelsey Berteaux | Fun

Photo from lds.org Latter-day Saints are instructed to "choose wisely when using media because whatever you...


LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (March 28 - April 3)

by LDS Living Staff | News from Utah

Obama Meets with Apostles in SLC to Talk About National Issues Obama met with LDS Church leaders at the hot...


7 Kids Who Really Love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Videos)

by Mormon Tabernacle Choir | Videos

Kids love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir—and we have proof! We’ve gathered some amazing videos of children sin...