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Church Christmas Campaign Expected to Reach Millions Worldwide

by Newsroom | News from Utah

On December 7, the Church’s “He Is the Gift” initiative will be on the masthead of YouTube in seven countri...

What are You #ThankfulFor?

by Mormon Channel | Mormon Life


The Long, Long Ride: Gratitude Softens Hearts

by Debra Woods | Makes You Think

It was the day before Thanksgiving – my first one away from home.  As a freshman at BYU, it was not fe...

Gatorade Praises LDS Teen Gymnast for Remarkable Comeback

by YouTube | Famous Mormons


December 2014 Visiting Teaching Message: The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ--Prince of Peace

by LDS Living Staff | Lesson Helps

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Prince of Peace “The Savior is the source of true peace,” said Elder Qu...


BBC Spotlights LDS Missionary Part of Pilgrim History

by Deseret News | News from Utah

A knowledge of his family history recently placed one missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-d...


Dave Says: When Should You Start Saving for Your Daughter's Wedding?

by Dave Ramsey | Mormon Life

Dear Dave, We have three daughters under the age of 5, so we may be spending quite a bit on things like wed...

Stunning Aerial Footage of All Utah Temples

by YouTube | Videos


Watch: Violinist Lindsey Stirling Answers Questions from LDS Teens, Shares Faith

by LDS Living | Videos

Lindsey Stirling, the accomplished LDS "dancing violinist" joined Young Women General President Bonnie L. O...


3 LDS Vocalists Bringing 'Gentleman' Back to the Music World

by LDS Living | News from Utah Videos Mormon Life

When Brad Robins, Casey Elliott, and Bradley Quinn Lever, all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latt...