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Critically Injured Missionary Miraculously Wakes Up from Coma

by LDS Living | News from Utah

When Sister Kendal Levine was critically injured in Australia a few weeks ago, her chances of survival look...


Young Performing Missionary Shares Trombone Talent in Nauvoo

by Deseret News | News from Utah

For Sister Marsie Trego of Mesa, Arizona, receiving a call to serve meant both wearing a black name tag and...


LDS Olympian Faced with Modesty Dilemma at Photo Shoot

by Excerpted from Focused by Noelle Pikus-Pace | Famous Mormons

Before my first Olympic appearance, I was invited to attend an incredibly comprehensive social event known ...


Q&A: Middle-Aged Mormon Man

by LDS Living Staff | Famous Mormons

What inspired you to start blogging? A vacuum.  Not the machine, but a time vacuum. I had just been re...


Alex Boye, Stuart Edge, Other LDS Artists Perform with Homeless Man

by Deseret News | News from Utah Famous Mormons

Utah-based filmmaker Stuart Edge has become known for giving back to others. Although his YouTube channel b...


"High School Musical" Star Shares Experience at Temple Open House

by Standard-Examiner | News from Utah

Actress KayCee Stroh joined the thousands of others who have visited The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-d...


How a Young LDS Father Overcame His Addiction to Painkillers

by Utah Valley 360 | News from Utah

A motorcycle accident on June 12, 2007, left Eric Jensen in bad shape. His body was covered in deep road ra...


13 Clean Fiction Novels to Watch for This Fall

by LDS Living Staff | Fun

Adventurers Wanted: Sands of Nezza  by M.L. Forman A call for help draws wizard Alexander Taylor into ...

LDS NFL Football Player Helps Robbed Homeless Musician

by WXYZ.com | News from Utah Famous Mormons


The Blessings of Continuing to Serve After My Mission

by Meridian Magazine | Makes You Think

It has been about three months since I received my release and returned home from the mission field. There ...