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Church Debuts New Feature Film, 'Meet the Mormons' (Trailer)

by YouTube | Videos

Don't Be the Perfect Mother--Be the Mom Your Kids Need

by Time Out For Women Blog | Makes You Think


How I Learned to Feel Beautiful (Without Cosmetic Surgery)

by LaNae Valentine | Makes You Think

In the second grade when I got my first pair of eyeglasses, my mother said, “My little girl isn’t pretty an...

Emily Freeman: "The Lord Has Confidence in You"

by Time Out For Women Blog | Makes You Think


Church Announces New Seminary Graduation Requirements for LDS Youth

by LDS Church News | From the Church News from Utah

New requirements for seminary graduation are meant to “elevate learning” and better prepare students for li...


This Is What FHE Is Really Like for Parents

by Carly M. Springer | Humor Fun

Every Monday, we're excited for FHE, but a lot of hard work goes into it! Here are 10 emotional stages pare...


Brigham Young's Ship Remains in Great Salt Lake?

by Salt Lake Tribune | Fun

Low water is not always a bad thing for boaters. At least boaters with a taste for the history of the lakes...


Missionaries Using Ukuleles to Spread the Gospel

by Deseret News | News from Utah Videos

Whether during Sunday's church services or Monday's family home evening, performances of hymns and Primary ...


LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Aug 9 - 15)

by LDS Living Staff | News from Utah

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Posts Airport Photos with RM Granddaughter We were very excited to see this person...


Church Handbook Updated to Include Social Media

by LDS Living | From the Church News from Utah

Yesterday, visitors to Handbook 2 on lds.org may have noticed some adjustments and additions to the guideli...