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Dave Says: How to Deal with Debt Collectors

by Dave Ramsey | Mormon Life

Dear Dave, We had our first child a few months ago, and some of the bills have gone to collections. We’ve p...


Why the Church Made the Temple Garments Video

by LDS Living | From the Church News from Utah

A few weeks ago the Church released a transparent new video about temple garments, explaining the sacred, r...


How Mormonism Helped Me Find the Path to True Happiness

by Normons | Makes You Think Mormon Life

My name is Jenna, and I’m a recent convert to the LDS Church. I was baptized on July 12th, 2014, in Austin ...


Vatican to Host President Eyring, Other Faith Leaders for Marriage Discussion

by Newsroom | From the Church News from Utah

Religious leaders and scholars representing 14 faith traditions from 23 countries will assemble at the Vati...


FHE: Humility

by Shauna Gibby | Lesson Helps

Conference Talk For more information on this topic read “Pride and the Priesthood” by President Dieter F. U...


Church Announces 4 New Religion Classes

by LDS Living | From the Church News from Utah

At the November CES broadcast, Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy made a few significant announcements. H...


10 Scientific Tips for Finding Optimism in the Gospel

by Mormon Hub | Makes You Think Mormon Life

How strong is your hope for the future? Are you optimistic? Eric Barker’s article “11 scientific studies th...


New York Times Reports on BYUtv's Recent Success

by New York Times | News from Utah

Four years ago, Scott Swofford fielded a question from a colleague that was addressed to him as both a film...


12 Modest Fall Skirts & Dresses Perfect for Church

by Jenny Spencer | Mormon Life

Floral Ruch Waist Dress at CJ Banks - $35.97 Striped Midi Dress at Dress Barn - $48.00 Side Ruch ...


Gerald Lund Shares Insights into His New Series, Fire & Steel

by Jenny Spencer

What inspired you to start writing your new historical fiction series,  Fire and Steel ? As early as m...