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Church Makes Updates to "Handbook 2," Includes Summary of Changes Over the Past Year

by LDS Living Staff | April 15, 2019 | Mormon Life

The Church's Handbook 2 was recently updated to include a summary of Church changes made over the past year...


FHE: A Christ-Centered Easter

by Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler, adapted from "Celebrating A Christ-Centered Easter" | April 15, 2019 | Lesson Helps

This week’s Come, Follow Me lesson focuses on Easter. Below is a family home evening plan that can be used ...


"All In" Excerpt: Why Lamb of God Composer Rob Gardner Doesn’t Believe Thomas Really Doubted At All

by LDS Living Staff | April 14, 2019 | Makes You Think

In preparation for Easter, this week’s All In  podcast is an interview with my dear friend, Latter-day...


President Eyring Shares When Heavenly Father Did Not Deliver the Savior from Trials +What That Teaches Us

by ChurchofJesusChrist.org | April 13, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following comes from the April 2019  Ensign. Trials can produce resentment or discouragement. The ...


The Shared Meaning in Christ and Eve's Names + How the Savior Fully Knows What Women Experience

by Wendy Ulrich, excerpted from "Live Up to Our Privileges: Women, Power, and Priesthood" | April 13, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Temple ordinances teach us symbolically about who Christ is and who we are and can become. Women who often ...


Quiz: Little-Known Facts and Stories from President Nelson's Life

by LDS Living Staff | April 13, 2019 | Fun Makes You Think Mormon Life

From a successful career as a world-renown heart surgeon to a life as a loving and supportive husband and f...


When Your Patriarchal Blessing Doesn’t Contain Any Big Promises

by Alonzo L. Gaskill, excerpted from "65 Questions and Answers about Patriarchal Blessings" | April 13, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

If you expect your patriarchal blessing to make wild or unusual promises and predictions, you may be misund...


12 Christ-Centered Gifts Perfect for Any Easter Basket

by LDS Living Staff | April 13, 2019 | Mormon Life

The Easter season is full of beauty and significance, but bringing our family's focus back to the Savior on...


How to Prepare for a Temple Sealing After Adopting

by Lindsey Redfern of Adoption.com | April 13, 2019 | Mormon Life

My husband and I are infertility survivors. After learning that our mortal bodies were not able to create c...


12 Hilarious and Horrifying Singles Ward Stories All Latter-Day Saints Can Relate To

by LDS Living Staff | April 12, 2019 | Humor Fun

From dating to ward activities, there are a variety of awkward opportunities that arise when you put a grou...