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LDS Events Calendar

by LDS Living Staff | LDS Life

Utah Pioneer Days July 22-24 , West Jordan, Utah This wonderful celebration of the lives of the pioneers wi...


Did Romney's faith cost him 2012 election?

by WND | What They're Saying About "Us"

Is the fact that Mitt Romney is a practicing Mormon responsible for his failure to beat Barack Obama in the...


'Wedding crashers' go to reception at LDS church to steal from gift table, police say

by Deseret News | News from Utah

In their 2005 hit comedy, actors Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn crashed weddings for laughs. On Friday night,...

LDS.org video: Everyday Members Answer 'What the Scriptures Mean to Me'

by News.lds.org | What We Believe


Dave Says: When Should You Convert to a Roth IRA?

by Dave Ramsey | Finances

Dear Dave, I’m following your plan, and I’ve just completed Baby Step 3. I’ve got my emergency fund of thre...


Dave Says: What to Do When Family Moves In

by Dave Ramsey | Finances

Dear Dave, My husband and I have been following your plan, and we’re debt-free. Recently he invited his sis...


Methodist Mom: How My Son's Mormon Mission Changed My Life

by Ann Cochran

After a year’s separation, I spotted my handsome son striding across an ancient Italian piazza. I rushed to...


Food Storage Recipe: Personal Pizzas

by Emergency Essentials | Preparedness

'We've been craving pizza around here at Emergency Essentials , so we grilled up a few personal pizzas on a...


SPONSORED: Overcoming Addictions and Learning the Language of Recovery

by InnerGold | Everything Else

Imagine trying to give the mind information that could heal it and it looks at the information as a threat ...


Samuel Brannan: the Mormon leader in California matched wits with Brigham Young

by Standard-Examiner | Everything Else

Samuel Brannan is unique among Mormon historical figures because his role goes beyond his contribution to M...