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Dave Says: What to Do When You're Denied Life Insurance

by Dave Ramsey | Finances

Dear Dave, My husband was recently denied term life insurance because he has a criminal record from a long ...


Living Prophets Lesson 15: Gordon B. Hinckley

by Rebecca K. Irvine | FHE

Get the entire FHE lesson series on "Living Prophets." Purpose: To teach family members the importance of t...

"Budget Cuts" - Pretty Darn Funny Season 2 - Ep. 3

by YouTube | Arts & Entertainment


Chicago Tribune: Re-enacting Joseph Smith's court hearings, and a look into Mormons' tolerance

by Chicago Tribune | What They're Saying About "Us"

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has, when you think about it, been a remarkably good sport ...


LDS Church Announces 2014 Curriculum

by News.lds.org | Official Church Info

Beginning on January 1, Church members worldwide will begin studying new curriculum for 2014. A link to the...


Hi, I'm not a Mormon: What life can be like for non-LDS at BYU

by The Daily Universe | Opinions & Features

“You’re not just an RM, you’re an LDS RM, who’s trained at the MTC who became a DL a ZL, and an AP, who was...

Mormon Message for Youth: A Secure Anchor

by Mormon Messages | What We Believe


Q&A with the Makers of "Austenland": Just Asking: Shannon Hale and Jerusha Hess

by Kaela Worthen Gardner

Austenland, a hilarious film about a modern woman obsessed with Jane Austen's novel  Pride & Preju...


Best of: LDS Living Stories of the Week, August 24-30

by LDS Living Staff | LDS Living Blog

You might have missed what went on the last week, but we've put together our list of the week's most popula...


Jewish Rabbi: Our friends, the Mormons

by Jewish Press | What They're Saying About "Us"

With large families, a deep love of Israel and the Jewish people, simultaneous dedication to our faith and ...