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Mormons get double dose of growing religious intolerance

by Examiner | What They're Saying About "Us"

A report published Monday by The Liberty Institute and Family Research Council “…catalogs the growing hosti...

Romney says his Mormon tithing shouldn’t be public

by Salt Lake Tribune | Mormons We Know

Mitt Romney says in a new interview that one of the reasons he’s distressed about disclosing his tax return...

Sermon on the Mount: Treasures in Heaven

by ChurchofJesusChrist.org | What We Believe


{Lifestyle} The Kids Question: Common Courtesy

by Ashley Bardsley | Lifestyle

There’s an issue in our culture I feel just has to be discussed. It has to do with harassment: specifically...


10 Ways to Maintain Your Second Language

by Leticia Klemetz and Brooke Ward

Picture this: It’s one of those rare occasions when you actually get to use that second language you acquir...


{Food Dish} Cool Treats

by Ashley Evanson | The Food Dish

Orange Creamsicles , photo from Oven Love Peaches-and-Cream Ice Cream Cake , photo from Martha Stewart Red ...


Book of Mormon Lesson 35: "Repent and Return to the Lord"

by Ted L. Gibbons | Sunday School

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: If the Book of Mormon came into the hands of the "Mormon" people through their own ingen...

Video: CNN interviews Elder Ballard, Romney about the Mormon faith

by CNN | What They're Saying About "Us" Mormons We Know


'Rock Center' will devote full hour of prime-time television to Mormonism

by Deseret News | What They're Saying About "Us" Arts & Entertainment

In a week when Mitt Romney has started to show and tell more about his Mormon faith, NBC's "Rock Center wit...


Tim Tebow, Mormons living the abstinent lifestyle in New York

by New York Times | What They're Saying About "Us"

Trinity Laurel moved to Manhattan at 21 to pursue a modeling career. Raised in a Christian home, Laurel was...