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Joshua Weed: Why I love the LDS Church's new MormonsandGays.org website

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

The day before my wife Lolly and I posted our now-notorious blog post about being married even though I'm h...

Mormon Tabernacle Choir: "Silent Night" (from 2010 Christmas Devotional)

by YouTube | Arts & Entertainment


{Food Dish} Our Best Bites Answers Your Cooking Questions

by Kate Jones and Sara Wells | The Food Dish

1. What is your “must have” kitchen gadget? A 5-6-quart non-stick skillet like this one. I literally don't ...


3 Dangers of Dating the "Best" Singles

by Alisa Goodwin Snell - Dating Coach | Marriage & Relationships

It is natural for singles to want to date someone who is attractive, successful, and socially skilled. Thei...


{Lifestyle} Winter Sports for Family Gatherings

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This year, why not try something a little wild and crazy? Instead of the same old stuff, jazz up your winte...


{Lifestyle} 25 Days of Christmas Memories: Week 4

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LDS Living has made this Christmas "bucket list" of 25 activities to do with friends and family this Decemb...


Jeff Benedict: Witnessing grief and compassion in Newtown

by Deseret News | Global View Opinions & Features

Dave Checketts is not a professionally trained clergyman. The former chairman of Madison Square Garden and ...


Emilie Parker family plans memorial, fund for fellow victims

by Deseret News | News from Utah

The family of Emilie Parker, a young Utah native killed in a massive school shooting in Connecticut, has pl...

Christmas Mormon Message: An Unexpected Gift

by LDS Living Staff | Everything Else


Help LDS baseball legend enter Hall of Fame

by Jamie Lawson - LDS Living | Saints & Sports

“My brother Taylor and I put together the petition,” said Chad Murphy, Dale Murphy’s oldest son. “My dad is...