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Alex Boye performs the national anthem after becoming a U.S. Citizen

by YouTube | Arts & Entertainment


{Lifestyle} Modest Fashion Roundup

by Ashley Evanson | Lifestyle

I realize that modesty is interpreted slightly different for everyone. Some of these outfits might need an ...


Pew Poll: Mormons top religious news coverage

by Pew Research | What They're Saying About "Us"

Religion does not typically receive a lot of attention from the mainstream news media, and 2011 was no exce...


People magazine to publish Elizabeth Smart wedding photos

by Deseret News | Mormons We Know

The bride wore a white dress. The groom a traditional Scottish kilt. People magazine has the exclusive phot...


A Lutheran bishop's perspective on Mormon baptism for the dead

by Deseret News | What They're Saying About "Us" Opinions & Features

The Latter-day Saint practice of vicarious baptism on behalf of the dead is once again a focus of controver...


{Food Dish} Fab Five: FHE Lessons and Matching Desserts

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | The Food Dish

Good for the sweet tooth and for the soul. Yum. Photo from Pinch of Yum. 1. FHE: Time Management Make the m...


{Food Dish} LDS Living in the Kitchen: Lion House Cookies

by LDS Living Staff | The Food Dish

You know we love cookies, so it's easy to understand that the upcoming Lion House cookbook ( Lion House Coo...


{Single Saints} Taking Heat off the Marriage Pressure Cooker

by Mandy Slack | Single Saints

In the wee hours of the morning when most of the world is still asleep, I work in a bakery with a spunky Pe...


The other Mormon candidate

by Slate | What They're Saying About "Us" Mormons We Know

He has a politician’s quick smile and looks like he was born to wear a suit. He has a beautiful wife and pi...


LDS Church toughens stand against 'improper' proxy name submissions

by Deseret News | Official Church Info

The LDS Church is taking a tougher stand against the unauthorized submission of the names of Holocaust vict...