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{Lifestyle} New Twists on Old Holiday Traditions

by Molly Gray | Lifestyle

The holiday season is upon us shortly, and I am just so excited. One thing I love about Christmas is that i...

On Your Feet by Stephen Jones - Punting (Episode 3)

by YouTube | Saints & Sports


Commentary: Yale professor warns of Mormon theocracy in <i>NY Times</i>

by Deseret News | What They're Saying About "Us"

Mormons are somewhat fond of quoting Yale professor Harold Bloom when he refers to the founding prophet of ...


Vocal Point out of the running on 'The Sing-off'

by Deseret News | Arts & Entertainment

Despite convincing the judges that they could sing with soul, BYU's Vocal Point was voted off "The Sing-off...


Interview with David Archuleta: Staying in Tune

by Jamie Lawson | People

David Archuleta was born with music in his blood. He grew up watching his father, Jeff, play the trumpet wi...

Behind the Scenes with David Archuleta

by LDS Living | People

Behind the scenes at David's photo shoot with LDS Living: David responds to LDS Living's reader questions: ...


David Archuleta: Photo Gallery

by LDS Living | People

To check out some behind-the-scenes video from our photoshoot with David, click here . Photo courtesy of Da...


Dave Says: Get Current First!

by Dave Ramsey | Finances

Dear Dave, I love your plan, but I have one question before getting started. Should I catch up on any past ...


Dave Says: Crummy Family's Lack of Boundaries

by Dave Ramsey | Finances

Dear Dave, My grandfather passed away a couple of months ago. I’m 32 and the only relative still living in ...


Chicken Soup

by Emergency Essentials | Preparedness

We felt like some good, old fashioned chicken soup the other day. This soup is about as simple as they come...