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LDS Church plans new building  at  Provo’s  MTC

by Salt Lake Tribune | News from Utah

Come 2013, tens of thousands of Mormon missionaries will pass through a new building at the Missionary Trai...


September 2011 Sharing Time: Finding Those Who Want to Know the Truth

by Shauna Gibby | Primary

Preparation: Obtain seven or eight small objects from other countries (if necessary, borrow some from other...


{Lifestyle} Photo Gallery: Your Favorite Girls Camp Photos

by LDS Living Staff | Lifestyle

What fun it's been to see young women from all over the world enjoying the outdoors and each other! Thank y...


{Food Dish} Contest: LDS Living's Best Soup Contest

by LDS Living | The Food Dish

It's that time again. LDS Living has set its sights on finding another best recipe – but instead of sweets,...

Teaser Trailer for 'Joseph Smith: Plates of Gold'

by YouTube | Arts & Entertainment

Catholics should be concerned about anti-Mormon prejudice

by National Post | What They're Saying About "Us"

The depth of Roman Catholicism is so great it can keep those in the the faith captivated for many lifetimes...


'Minor damage' to D.C. Temple in earthquake

by Deseret News | Official Church Info

Tuesday's earthquake caused "minor damage" to the Washington, D.C., Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of...


{Food Dish} Awesome Dutch Oven Recipes

by Linda Dixon | The Food Dish

Did you know that Dutch ovens have been used to cook food for hundreds of years? Many cultures have their o...


{Single Saints} Free Dates Don't Make You Cheap - They Make You Cool (+ Poll)

by Kaela Worthen Gardner | Single Saints

Some guys seem to have a complex about free or low-cost dates. They worry that if they don’t throw wads of ...


Young Women Lesson 35: Dating Decisions

by LDS Living Staff | Young Women

Discussion Questions     • In what ways will the righteous decisions you make now about dati...