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Public invited to tour Atlanta Georgia Temple

by Newsroom | Official Church Info

The public is invited to tour the newly renovated Atlanta Georgia Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of L...


{Lifestyle} Send Us Your Easter Pics!

by Ashley Evanson | Lifestyle

Every family has a few Easter memories that stand out from the rest. We're just hoping you captured them on...


{LDSL Blog} Filming 'Just Off the Square'

by Jamie Lawson | LDS Living Blog

One of my favorite things about working at LDS Living is meeting new people. I’ve learned that everyone has...


Poll: What's Your Favorite Easter Candy?

by Ashley Evanson | Polls

We're having a debate here in the office--we can't agree on the tastiest Easter candy. It's obviously the R...

New Video Series 'Just Off the Square' (Conference Edition)

by LDS Living staff | LDS Life

LDS Living is excited to introduce our new video series "Just off the Square." We'll be visiting Temple Squ...


When movies laugh at Mormons, it isn't always mean

by Deseret News | What They're Saying About "Us"

By now you may have seen reviews of the ultra-vulgar Broadway musical "The Book of Mormon," which has been ...


The Four-Question Weight Loss Quiz

by Robert D. Jones, D.C. | Health

See if you can pass this weight loss test:    1. Which food, when eaten by itself, will cause you...


Young Women Lesson 15: Blessings of the House of Israel

by LDS Living Staff | Young Women

Discussion Questions: What does it mean to be a member of the house of Israel? How did you become a member ...


Young Men Lesson 15: Enduring to the End

by LDS Living Staff | Young Men

Discussion Questions: Why do we have trials? What did Lehi promise Jacob that the Lord would do regarding h...


Boy used Scouting skills to save brother's life

by LDS Church News | Opinions & Features

Grant Grier, age 12, of the Wilmington 1st Ward, Wilmington Delaware Stake, recently received the Boy Scout...