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Young Women Lesson 8: Eternal Families

by LDS Living Staff | Young Women

Discussion Questions: What qualities do you look for in a young man that will help create a successful marr...


Gospel Principles Lesson 30: Charity

by LDS Living Staff | Relief Society/Priesthood

Our souls have rejoiced tonight and reached toward heaven. We have been blessed with beautiful music and in...


Washington Post: Surely a Mormon can be president

by Washington Post | What They're Saying About "Us"

Do you think we should ever see headlines in a mainstream news outlet that read, "The Jewish primary" or "T...


Mormon mobile phone apps have strong roots in volunteer work

by Newsroom | Opinions & Features

Ben Christensen, Cliff McCollum, Michael Morrow and David Gaona have never met, but they share the same hob...


How BYU-Hawaii Students are Changing the World

by Erin Hallstrom

*Editor's note: This is an excerpt from "From This Place." Read the full article in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue ...


{Food Dish} What Happens When Normal People Try to Bake

by Ashley Evanson | Recipes The Food Dish

My mom’s birthday was last weekend and I wanted to bake her an amazing cake. I found this recipe for a salt...


Dave Says: So, He Knows How to Manage Money?

by LDS Living Staff | Finances

Dear Dave, My husband likes to borrow money on fix-up projects around the house. He says he knows how to ma...


Dave Says: Girlfriend's Money Problems

by LDS Living Staff | Finances

Dear Dave, I’m fairly responsible with finances, but my girlfriend is in a terrible financial situation wit...


Prioritizing Your Preparedness

by Angie Sullivan | Preparedness

If you prioritize your preparedness, you will be able to cover the most important items first, and then mov...


{A&E} Listen to This: Josh Wright

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | Arts & Entertainment

If you haven’t heard of Josh Wright yet, it’s time to listen up. His performances of classic songs are asto...