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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Preschoolers

by Julie Christensen | Activities Parenting

The prospect of a long winter stuck inside brought out the grizzly bear in all of us. We missed visiting wi...


Dave Says: Relationship Fix

by LDS Living Staff | Finances Marriage & Relationships

Dear Dave, I have three stepchildren, the oldest of which is married and has a little baby. The only time w...


Dave Says: Increase Your Earning Potential

by LDS Living Staff | Finances

Dear Dave, We have $21,000 in credit card debt, and ongoing medical expenses for our special-needs child. M...

Rob & Tracie Morris - Former Super Bowl Champion, Parents of 5 and Mormons

by Mormon.org | Saints & Sports


{Food Dish} Recipe: 20-minute Tortilla Soup

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | The Food Dish

This soup is hearty and healthy, and just really tasty. I ended up using a rotisserie chicken from the stor...


The tantalizing proof that religion makes you happier and healthier

by Daily Mail Online | What They're Saying About "Us"

God has had a tough time over the past few years. On TV, in newspapers and on the internet, the debate as t...


LDS Church among largest, growing U.S. churches

by Deseret News | Everything Else

The nation's 10 largest churches remained the same, and churches that have in recent years increased in mem...


Weekend Craft: It's a Bling Thing

by Oh My Crafts | Tips

Glue on a few knobs, cut some vinyl to match your décor and before you know it, you have a designer jewelry...


{A&E} Two TV Shows that Made Me Want to Be a Better Person

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | Arts & Entertainment

Last Friday morning as I walked into work, I heard a familiar strain playing over the lobby speakers. It wa...


Happening Upon Success

by Jamie Cline | Makes You Think

There are many roads to success, a fact that Jonathan Johnson, current president of Overstock.com, knows al...