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In the Studio of LDS Artist J. Kirk Richards

by YouTube | Arts & Entertainment


Sen. Bennett on the Book of Mormon

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

Some people, hearing that Utah Sen. Bob Bennett had written a book on the Book of Mormon, suspected that it...


BYU Viewpoint: Honoring the Code

by The Daily Universe | Saints & Sports

The unthinkable happened this week for Cougar Nation. Before the final weeks of a miracle basketball season...

ESPN Video: BYU Honor Code Unrealistic?

by ESPN | Saints & Sports Opinions & Features

ESPN analysts discuss the BYU honor code, Brandon Davies dismissal, and if a team ever has a chance of winn...


{Food Dish} Contest: First-ever LDS Living Best Cookie Contest

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | The Food Dish

The race is on. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The challenge? Submit the best cookie recipe you have. T...


{Food Dish} Crazy Pregnancy Food Cravings

by Ashley Evanson | The Food Dish

Being pregnant has changed my relationship with food. I had no idea my body was so in tune with very specif...


Davies dismissed from BYU basketball team for Honor Code violation

by Salt Lake Tribune | Saints & Sports

Three days after recording the biggest regular-season win in program history, a win over San Diego State th...

Cover Shoot with Our Best Bites Gals

by LDS Living staff | People


Utah launches new YSA stakes

by Sara Patterson | Opinions & Features

All across Utah new stakes are being created. This may not seem like news, as the population is always grow...


LDS professor wins poetry contest with 'Night at the Movies'

by Aaron Olsen | Arts & Entertainment Opinions & Features

A lonely night at the movies may not be so bad after all—especially if you get national recognition for wri...