Why Did an Angel Moroni Appear at the 2019 X Games?

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Why did Angel Moroni drop down a 73-foot ramp, jump a 50-foot gap, and land a triple tailwhip on a 27-foot ...


3 Things We Can Learn from Captain Moroni About Fearless Parenting in a Technology Age

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When our three oldest boys were little, they did what young kids do best—they explored. Behind our house th...


Watch: Sisters Nelson and Cook Sing Fun Duet, Talk Traveling with the Prophet

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Did you know Sister Mary Cook finds a way to sing in most of her addresses to Latter-day Saints around the ...


On "Jimmy Fallon," Latter-day Saint Comedian Mentions Guardian Angels, Receives Standing Ovation

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Watch: 9/11 Tributes by David Archuleta, the Osmonds, and Tabernacle Choir

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A year following the devastating terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, 11-year-old David Archuleta sang ...


How This Ill-Fated Marriott Hotel and Its Brave Staff Played a Key Role in 9/11

by Dale Van Atta, adapted from "Bill Marriott: Success Is Never Final" | September 11, 2019 | Famous Mormons Makes You Think Mormon Life

In 1991, Marriott opened the 37-story, 504-room Financial Center Marriott two blocks from the World Trade C...


The Only Time Jesus Used a Name in His Parables

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Everybody’s heard of Lazarus. You know the one—the brother of Mary and Martha who died and was left in his ...


Refinery 29 Highlights a Day in the Life of a Sister Missionary in New York

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Latter-day Saint Pickleball World Champion Shares How to Put the Lord First

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What a Wildfire Teaches About Sustaining Our Leaders and How It Elevates Us All

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In the tearful days after a wildfire devastated entire neighborhoods in California’s Sonoma County in Octob...