President Nelson Meets New Zealand Prime Minister, Church to Donate to Mosques

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In his recent meeting with New Zealand Prime Jacinda Ardern, President Russell M. Nelson presented the prim...


Eva Witesman: Are We Looking for Magic When We Should Be Looking for Miracles?

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We are a people of miracles. Every week, perhaps every day, we read stories of miraculous events in the scr...


Why Samoa's Prime Minister Defended, Backs Latter-day Saint Education Efforts in His Nation

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Latter-day Saints across Samoa are preparing for President Russell M. Nelson's visit to their nation during...


Missionary Passes Away in Mexico City

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Elder Andrew Carr, a 19-year-old missionary serving in Mexico City, died from asphyxiation Saturday morning...


4 Disney Movies That Teach Powerful Gospel Lessons

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What can Aladdin , The Lion King, Finding Nemo , and Beauty and the Beas t teach you about God's grace and ...


Black Pioneer Jane Manning James' Sacred Experience with Seer Stones and Temple Robes

by Quincy D. Newell, adapted from "Your Sister in the Gospel" | May 18, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Jane Elizabeth Manning was born in Connecticut in about 1820. Her mother had been enslaved, but she was ema...


Listen: How the Scriptures Saved Tim Ballard from Being Killed by Human Traffickers

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They were surrounded, their captors assuring them they were about to be killed. And in an area that was rul...


4 Things I Wish Parents Understood about Protecting Children from Pornography

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As societies across the globe become more and more accepting of immorality, it can sometimes feel like prot...


Why Magnolia Chief of Staff Emily Snyder Doesn’t Like The Word “Become” + What She’s Learned from Her Influential Bosses

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Emily Snyder was raised a member of the Church with a dream of being a mother just like her mom. However, a...


​The Unexpected Blessings of Rejection (and Facing It Head-On)

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“No.” The response was unexpected. My stomach simultaneously shot into my throat and into my shoes.  I...