17 Study Guides to Help Your Family Dive into the Book of Mormon

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Church Expands New Women Garment Style to Include Maternity, Nursing + More

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To purchase garment styles, visit a Distribution Services store or The women’s stretch cotto...


The Black Woman Who Served an Unprecedented Church Mission to Help Reduce Segregation, Prejudice in the Church

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Martha Ann Jane Stevens Perkins Howell stood with dignity and determination as an African-American member o...


Creating a Scripture Study Plan + More Amazing Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with the Gospel Library App

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"As Long as We're Alive, We'll Be Changing": President Nelson Talks Church Changes, Immigration + More in Rare Interview

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In a rare interview with local Arizona media outlets, President Russell M. Nelson and President Dallin H. O...


What "The NY Times" + More Had to Say About the Rome Temple Open House

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The Angel Moroni Appears as a Clue on "The Masked Singer": Could Donny Osmond or Gladys Knight Be on the Show?

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Why We Need to Be Careful About How We Use the Phrase "Choosing to Be Offended"

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Apples to Apples is no fun and games; Apples to Apples is serious business . At least, that’s what it feels...


The Relationship Between Relief Society, Priesthood, and the Temple

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“You, my sisters, if you are faithful will become Queens of Queens, and Priestesses unto the Most High God....


What a Wilderness Survival Class Taught Me About the Savior

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Sparks. Over and over again just sparks . I sat on my makeshift camping chair (a large, fallen branch) for ...