Church Releases 2015 Christmas Video: "A Savior Is Born"

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The Church recently released their 2015 Christmas video, "A Savior Is Born." With this video, the Church is...


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"God Told Me to Give You This:" The Surprising Way One Christmas Card Traveled Hundreds of Miles to Answer a Prayer

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How Sacrament Can Be Sacred Even While You're Wrangling Toddlers in the Foyer

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13-Year-Old LDS Singer Signs Music Deal With Sony

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She may only be in the eighth grade, but Lexi Walker can sing. ...


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Check Out This Breathtaking Christmas Music Video by 13-Year-Old LDS Star Lexi Walker

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Check out this stunning Christmas video performed by 13-year-old singing sensation Lexi Walker! ...

BYU Vocal Point Collaborates with Children's Choir for New Christmas Carol

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A Simple Christmas Story Guaranteed to Bring Tears to Your Eyes

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