How Do Apostles Prepare Their Conference Talks?

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President Nelson Shares 2 "Built-in Handicaps" We All Experience in Marriage & How to Overcome Them

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Church Members Help Build Gurdwara for Sikhs & Renovate Baptist Church

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Church members on two continents formed new ties with their communities as they worked to improve places of...


LDS Mom Shares Harrowing Account of Man Breaking into Her Home When She Was Alone with Her Young Daughters

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"San Francisco Chronicle" Shares Conversion Story of Stanford Football Player to LDS Faith

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Video: Architectural Details of the Philadelphia Temple That Will Make You See It in a Whole New Way

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Elder Holland Offers Dedicatory Prayer for Sculpture Garden Showing the Life of Christ

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Mormon Tabernacle Choir Announces Huge Change to Christmas Ticket "Lottery"

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5 John Bytheway Video Clips Your Kids Need to See

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1. Basketball Standard No matter where you go, the basketball standard remains 10 feet high. It doesn’t cha...