First Presidency Announces Closure of 2 Temples in the U.S.

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The First Presidency announced that two temples will close for extensive renovation in early 2018. Both the...


19 Iconic Lord of the Rings Moments That Perfectly Sum Up Being a Mormon

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NY Post: This Mormon Spent His Weekend Helping to Free Sex Trafficking Victims

by New York Post | February 22, 2017

While in the temple, Tim Ballard, then a CIA agent who helped fight human trafficking, felt conflicted. As ...


Church Calls Paris Temple, San Diego Visitors' Center Directors

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With the dedication of the Paris France Temple coming up this May, the Church has called a few new visitors...


First Presidency Calls 8 New Mission Presidents to Serve in Philippines, U.S., and More

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From Oregon to Brazil and the Philippines to Nevada, learn more about these eight newly called mission pres...


8 Lessons About Mormon Life I've Learned As a Convert

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I was baptized 10 years ago. During these 10 years, my journey has not been easy. But being baptized has ma...


LDS Blogger's "Genius" Cleaning Tip Goes Viral (+ How It Can Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier)

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LDS Blogger Jill Nystul gained a lot of attention recently for her simple cleaning tip , one the Daily Mail...


Funny "Beauty and the Beast" Parody Shows What Dating Is Really Like in Single's Wards

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The men in the 26th Ward in Provo, Utah, did something unexpected to show the women in their ward that they...


LDS Man Receives Purple Heart After Being Japanese POW During Bataan Death March

by Deseret News | February 22, 2017 | Mormon Life

When Royce Fuhriman arrived home from World War II, he weighed only 95 pounds, an incredible contrast when ...


Elder Renlund Meets with Royal Family in Tonga, Shares Experience

by Mormon Newsroom | February 22, 2017 | From the Church Mormon Life

“Her Majesty was very gracious and very welcoming and respectful to the Church. She is an impressive w...