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The Mormon Miracle Pageant

by LDS Living | News from Utah

Since 1967, small crowds have gathered near the Manti Utah Temple to watch some of the most iconic Mormon s...


Family Hopes to Honor Daughter's Legacy of Love and Faith

by Deseret News | News from Utah

When a friendly man in Hawaii rented her a life jacket so she could try floating on a surfboard for the fir...


The Cookie Conundrum

by Childless Mormons Support | Makes You Think

A few weeks ago, I found myself craving something seriously yummy and I couldn’t find anything that quite f...


Why Dysfunctional Families Belong in the Church

by Normons | Mormon Life

I once showed a picture of my brother’s family to a friend at work: happy couple, three beautiful children,...


Welsh Missionary Who Helped Start the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

by Mormon Tabernacle Choir | Fun

Dan Jones was born the sixth of eight children in a mining area of Wales on August 4, 1810. He was plagued ...


Finding Relief in Times of Weakness and Trials

by In the Head of Al | Makes You Think

Towards the end of 2013, John Bytheway and I flew together to Temecula, CA and both spoke at a Mid Single's...


9 Tips for Writing Personal Family History

by Mormon Hub | Mormon Life

How can you get the most out of doing your personal family history? Some people may may struggle with their...


Rising Rock Band Holds to LDS Values

by Deseret News | Famous Mormons

Provo, the college town in the middle of Utah Valley, has seen a surprising amount of success in a place mu...

'Saints and Soldiers: The Void' Coming to Theaters This Fall

by YouTube | News from Utah

Elder Bednar Answer: How do I Change My Heart?

by Deseret Book | Videos