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Where Can You Watch Priesthood Session?

by | Official Church Info

The Church announced September 24 that the change was “part of a continued effort to make general conferenc...


Elder Falabella: 4 Ways to Become a Zion People

by | Official Church Info

Elder Falabella, with his wife, Sister Blanca Lidia Sanchez in attendance, spoke on how to establish Zion i...


Homeward Bound: Three Beautiful Interpretations of Marta Keen Thompson’s Music

by Temple Study | Opinions & Features

This past Sunday afternoon I came across a piece of music that moved me to tears.  I don’t get emotion...


Defending the Faith: Sociologist Explains How Religion Benefits Even Atheists

by Deseret News | Everything Else

The evidence, says professor Stark, “shows overwhelmingly that religion protects against mental illness.” F...


Honor & Redemption: BYU's Spencer Hadley Opens Up on Suspension

by Sports Illustrated | Saints & Sports

One by one, BYU football players -- dressed in blue and white team gear -- filed onto a bus outside the Hol...


Fifty Years Later Does JFK's Tabernacle Speech Still Resonate? (+photos)

by Deseret News | Everything Else

President John F. Kennedy considered a speech he gave in the Salt Lake Tabernacle Sept 26, 1963, among the ...


Mormon Rock Star: Imagine Dragons's Wayne Sermon Talks about Faith

by Dallas Observer | Mormons We Know

Even though  Imagine Dragons have been playing music for a little over four years, the band's meteoric...


Sacrament Bread from the SLC Temple Dedication

by Juvenile Instructor | Everything Else

Two weeks ago, I ran up the steep hill behind the Conference Centre in the pouring rain (without an umbrell...


Photos: Mormon Missionaries Board UTA FrontRunner Train at Sunrise

by Deseret News | Everything Else

Shortly after the FrontRunner connection to Provo opened in December and the UTA TRAX line to the airport o...

Seek Ye the Kingdom of God

by Mormon Channel