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Catholics at home on BYU campus

by The Daily Universe | Everything Else

Heather Smith smiled to herself as the blonde young man she was speaking with gawked in disbelief. She did ...


Romania Bucharest Mission Celebrates 20th Anniversary

by | Official Church Info

Twenty years is a short period in the long history of the country of Romania, but for Romanian Latter-day S...


BYU photos win national awards

by The Daily Universe | Arts & Entertainment

The pictures gracing sports posters and the BYU website are familiar to students, but few know the people b...


Why I'm staying: a reply to CNN's 'Why millennials are leaving the church'

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

As a part of the "millennial" generation, I read CNN's religion blog post "Why millennials are leaving the ...


BYU professor: Sand dunes swallowing Anakin Skywalker’s hometown

by BYU News | Everything Else

New research describes a fast-moving sand dune in Tunisia that is spilling onto the streets of the Star War...


Condolences, support shared for LDS football player, others killed and injured in car accident

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

Teammates, coaches and members of opposing teams shared their condolences and support via Twitter after the...


Site teaching culture to prospective missionaries posts 10,000th video

by The Daily Universe | Everything Else

Alex Balinski is finally seeing his work come to fruition after taking a major leap of faith by quitting hi...

The Liberal Mormon: “Your Attitude Toward War”

by Keepapitchinin | Best of LDS Blogs

Your Attitude Toward War Problem: What Should Be the Attitude of Latter-day Saint Youth Toward War? At the ...


Martin Harris comes to life in Clarkston Pageant

by Deseret News | Arts & Entertainment

Clarkston, in Cache County, is in a remote spot in northern Utah. And yet, since 1982, thousands of visitor...

Watch Real LDS Missionaries Teach: The District, 'Saved for a Reason'

by Mormon Channel | What We Believe