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How to Visit Every Temple in the U.S. in 79 Days

by Utah Valley 360 | Everything Else

We live in an age of unprecedented temple building. In just the last 15 years, the number of temples has in...


Jabari Parker: Off the Court

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

When the best basketball player at Duke isn’t on the court, he likes to be in his dorm room, watching carto...

Watch: Seeking the Good in Trials

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Truth, Lies, and Your Self-Worth

by | Opinions & Features

A new year brings feelings of a fresh start and new hopes, but it also brings a wave of worldly messages te...


Don't Worry; Be a Happy Parent

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

I worry a lot. My husband is always telling me, “Stop worrying.” But then I worry about worrying. It’s very...


Taking Offense at Church: Only With Your Consent

by LDS Smile | Best of LDS Blogs

So we get hundreds of emails asking us about our advice on ______ subject or are asked what we would do in ...


A Look Back at Arizona's First Temple, in Mesa

by Arizona Central | Everything Else

Thanks to an invitation from Lynn Johnson, President of the Arizona Museum of Natural History Foundation, I...

The Gift to Be Simple (Organ Solo) - Mormon Tabernacle Choir

by Mormon Tabernacle Choir | Official Church Info


5 Tips on Learning a Foreign Language

by Mission Home | Everything Else

You’ve heard the story before- a missionary goes to a foreign land, only knowing the bare minimum of the la...


10 Easy Steps for Uploading Photos to FamilySearch

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You likely have family photos on your computer or saved in boxes. What do you do with them? Upload the...