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Words of a Hymn Gave Me Rest in the Temple

by | Best of LDS Blogs

It was no surprise that my latest trial found me at the feet of the Savior once again. After much contempla...


Free 2014 Primary Printables

by Mormon Mommy Blogs | Lesson Helps

For everyone who are as big of procrastinators as we are, or are still looking for some 2014 Primary Theme ...


Birth and Rebirth through Divorce

by The Exponent | Best of LDS Blogs

From what I remember, (it has been almost 8 years since I pushed another life out of my body) birth is pain...

Watch: RM Explains Practicing Charity Through Social Media

by YouTube


Tip for Living: Prayers That Reach Heaven

by Deseret News | What We Believe

A question from a woman who was having trials prompted S. Michael Wilcox to think differently about the wor...


Family History Exploded in 2013: Highlights

by | What We Believe

This has been an exceptional year for family history. The Church introduced a suite of new online services ...


Portraits from Celestial Room of Original Nauvoo Temple Donated to LDS Church

by Deseret News | Official Church Info

More than 170 years ago, portraits of the pioneer apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint...


Motherhood Myth: 'Babies Ruin Bodies'

by Deseret News | Best of LDS Blogs

Before I became pregnant, someone told me, "Don't have a baby. Babies ruin your body." It has been more tha...


Adolescent Addiction: When Pornography Strikes Early

by Deseret News | What We Believe

Justin was 11 when he first saw pornography. He'd been looking for remote-controlled cars and found a cool ...


How to Stop Hating Your Ward

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

This is a great goal. Here are some things I've tried in the past — some worked and some didn't: Participat...