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Laughs, witty remarks from LDS general conference (+tweets)

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

This past weekend, many came away from LDS general conference with long to-do lists and notes of counsel, a...


Now available: LDS General Conference April 2013 Text, Audio, Video, Music

by LDS Media Talk | Official Church Info

What a wonderful general conference! Knowing that you’ll want to read, listen, and watch the addresses agai...


Families be aware: FCC wants to allow more swearing, nudity on TV

by Millennial Star | Arts & Entertainment

For those of you who haven’t heard, FCC may modify its swearing and nudity policy. In short, the new policy...


Most-used words for April 2013 LDS General Conference

by LDS Media Talk | Best of LDS Blogs

For the last several conferences, I have shown wordles (word clouds) of the text from general conference, w...

Video: Surprise Mission Call

by YouTube | Everything Else


Making history with a prayer

by Segullah | Best of LDS Blogs

When Jean Stevens stood up to the pulpit on Saturday morning, I was driving seven kids in my minivan. We’d ...

Video: Returned missionary surprises high school sweetheart on her birthday

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

When a young Mormon missionary leaves a girl at home for two years, a big question arises: “Will you wait f...


The All-too-fast Return to Insanity After Conference

by Middle-Aged Mormon Man | Best of LDS Blogs

As you can probably guess by now, I am a fan of General Conference. Over the years it has come to be a very...


Elder Nelson advises future missionaries to apply for college

by The Daily Universe | Everything Else

Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve advised prospective missionaries to apply for college b...


BYU students sing at Temple Square to counter protesters

by The Daily Universe | Everything Else

Protesters at Temple Square have long been a staple at General Conference as they line the street across th...