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U.S. marks 20th Religious Freedom Day

by Deseret News | Everything Else

Before Thomas Jefferson died, he asked that three of his accomplishments be written on his Monticello tombs...


Being LDS does not limit one's political persuasions

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

What does it mean to be a Latter-day Saint? I think most would probably answer the title applies to someone...

RS/MP Lesson 2: “Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost” (Lorenzo Snow Manual)

by Feast Upon the Word | Lesson Helps

The link to the full lesson can be found here. Some people may ask, how will I know if it is right for me t...


Ariz. woman reunited with stolen first ed. Book of Mormon

by USA Today | Everything Else

ookstore owner Helen Schlie was heartbroken in May when she discovered a trusted friend had stolen her orig...


“Manvotionals” and (Gentle)manly Nostalgia

by Juvenile Instructor | Best of LDS Blogs

This Christmas we got a lovely gift under the tree from my sister that was especially appropriate for our f...

FAIR Blog: Responding to anti-Mormonism or claims that the Church is losing members

by FAIR Blog | Best of LDS Blogs

There has been a bit of buzz (mostly amongst ex- and anti-Mormons) recently over some remarks of Elder Marl...


'I Am a Child of God' - 2013 outline for Primary sharing time

by LDS Church News | Lesson Helps

The Primary general presidency wants every child in the Church to know that he or she is a "child of God." ...


Trey Parker and Matt Stone 'planning The Book Of Mormon film adaptation'

by Metro UK | Arts & Entertainment

The duo’s company is to be called Important Studios, the New York Times claims, and with South Park’s estim...


Near-death experiences get treatment from a Mormon perspective

by Standard-Examiner | Everything Else

I’m fascinated by the pop science/theology behind near-death experiences. I’ve read the “Life After Life” b...


LDS Film Festival 2013 Schedule Announced

by LDS Cinema Online | Arts & Entertainment

The schedule for the 2013 LDS Film Festival has been announced. The festival will be held (as always) at th...