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News Roundup: LDS Democrats, Harry Reid gather at DNC to unite LDS values

by LDS Living | Opinions & Features

NBC News: Mormon Democrats gather for first-ever national meeting in Charlotte during DNC NPR: Mormon Democ...

Provo council rejects plan to curb MTC building

by Salt Lake Tribune | News from Utah

Residents living near the Mormon Missionary Training Center (MTC) didn’t get what they wanted Tuesday. The ...

2012 BYU Women’s Conference Transcripts

by Mormon Women | Everything Else

If you haven’t had a chance to read through the transcripts of BYU Women’s Conference talks from the 2012 c...

Elder Bednar's New Video Series: Patterns of Light

by Deseret News | What We Believe

In this three part series, Elder David A. Bednar discusses how we receive and perceive light from God. Part...


How LDS Church members can express their faith digitally

by Deseret News | Everything Else

Though it's simple to link to a profile on a Facebook page or write a post about faith on a blog...

Michelle King: Five siblings marry on the same day, on 'Mormon Times TV'

by Deseret News | Arts & Entertainment

We have just one daughter, so that means only one wedding to plan — from a bride’s standpoint, anyway. Cour...


WofW: What Was He Thinking?

by Middle-Aged Mormon Man | Best of LDS Blogs

The following thought are random thoughts of mine. They do not necessarily represent the views of the LDS C...


Rooted in heritage of Brigham City's pioneers

by LDS Church News | Opinions & Features

The September LDS Visiting Teaching message is called "Special Needs and Service Rendered" and serves as a ...


Sept. 2012 Visiting Teaching Message: Free Printable

by Mormon Mommy Blogs | Lesson Helps

The September LDS Visiting Teaching message is called "Special Needs and Service Rendered" and serves as a ...


Balancing faith and mental health

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

A young mother struggling with bulimia was asked one day by her therapist if she ever prayed. “She lived on...