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Free Printable: God is the Same

by Mormon Mommy Blogs | Best of LDS Blogs

This is a great 8x10", 300 dpi printable that has a quote from Russel M. Nelson that says "God is the same ...

Pure and Simple Faith

by | What We Believe

Utah ranks 2nd in CNBC's 'Top States for Business'

by Deseret News | News from Utah

The Beehive State has taken a giant leap toward the nation's business elite, according to a CNBC report rel...


Today in the Bloggernacle: Whys and hows of helping in the Vineyard

by Deseret News | Everything Else

Want to learn more about the power of helping in the Well, I have three handy videos that...

You know you're an LDS Baby Boomer if...

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

You've seen those little booklets at truck stops and roadside diners — the ones with titles like: "You Know...


Michelle King: Young single adults and the 'decade of decisions,' on 'Mormon Times TV'

by Deseret News | Arts & Entertainment

The past six years my husband and I were privileged to work with hundreds of young single adults in our sta...


How to find balance while walking the tightrope of motherhood

by Motherhood Matters | Best of LDS Blogs

In this final installment of the High-Wires of Motherhood, we explore the tentative and ever-shifting balan...


CNN: Salt Lake Temple 1 of 8 'Religious Wonders' in U.S.

by CNN | What They're Saying About "Us"

Not everyone who travels to the Salt Lake City Temple is allowed inside the walls, but that doesn't mean th...


'Bachlorette' contestant turns down overnight date by using Book of Mormon scripture

by Patheos | Arts & Entertainment

“One F Jef” Holm on "The Bachelorette" may claim not to be “half Mormon” or even “full Mormon,” but he cert...


Utah Mormons urged in church to support MTC high-rise near BYU

by Salt Lake Tribune | Everything Else

A majority of Provo Mormons who were fighting construction of a proposed high-rise at the Missionary Traini...